Boutique Group Embarks on a Grand Architectural Voyage: Al Hamra Palace in Jeddah

22nd of January 2024, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Boutique Group, a hospitality company fully owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, merging the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s culture and heritage with contemporary elegance to develop historic and cultural palaces into ultra-luxury boutique hotels, has announced its partnership with the international architecture design firm, OBMI alongside the world-renowned French interior designer Jacques Garcia as part of the project’s design consortium.

Al Hamra Palace is a unique destination, while built as a royal residence for King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, upon its completion, and at his request, Al Hamra Palace became a royal hospitality palace, where the Kingdom could offer its most generous hospitality to its honoured guests, including presidents of Arab and Islamic nations, figures like Richard Nixon, Diana – Princess of Wales, and the current King Charles the Third.

Nestled along Jeddah’s captivating corniche, the palace reflects a fascinating mix of traditional architectural inspirations from Islamic Hijazi with Neo-classical elements. The influence can be seen in its arched gateways, slanted roofs and a facade crafted from Riyadh stone.

Mark De Cocinis, CEO of Boutique Group, commented: “Partnering with entities that share our visionary ethos, unwavering commitment to intricate storytelling, and profound attention to the most nuanced details is not merely an imperative, but an exquisite manifestation of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Working with internationally renowned design firms like OBMI and Jacques Garcia is an important and essential step in developing the project following the highest standards of development and sustainability while staying true to the rich cultural roots of Al Hamra Palace.”

Douglas Kulig, Chief Executive Officer of OBMI, marked: “We are honoured to work alongside Boutique Group to breathe new life into one of the most prominent landmarks of regal hospitality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Our design pays homage to the original structure featuring traditional Hijazi architecture.” He added. While Jacques Garcia, the well-known French interior designer, said: “My inspiration stemmed from the existing Islamic architecture of the palace combined with the marvellous essence of old Jeddah and its Hijazi influence. Fusing these elements to reflect oriental elegance while adding diverse colours and luminous shades, which flow seamlessly in this elegant and expressive masterpiece.”

Al Hamra Palace is one of the palaces steeped in history in Saudi Arabia that Boutique Group is converting into ultra-luxury hotels. Guests can expect to be welcomed to palatial elegance and gracious Saudi hospitality, which will showcase the Kingdom’s rich heritage.